Mitsubishi FTO - Electrical

Mitsubishi FTO - Electrical

Please note that this is intended to be a brief overview and not a definitive guide to the FTO's electrical system.

The Mitsubishi FTO range has a conventional 12v negative earth electrical system.

Charging is achieved by an alternator driven via a 4 grooved auxiliary belt from the engine's crank pulley. Tension of the drive belt is maintained by a separate adjustable tensioner pulley.   

There are two types of alternator, 2 pin and 4 pin of differing outputs - 80 or 90 amp - depending upon model. All MIVEC engines are equipped with a 4 pin alternator, but we have known of the odd non-MIVEC vehicle to be so equipped. The vast majority of non-MIVEC variants, as handily pictured below, will have a 2 pin alternator.

FTO GR non MIVEC engine

The standard battery is a typical Japanese narrow pole unit, the capacity of which is very marginal for UK use. In fact the same battery is listed for the early Nissan Micra, so as you can imagine, it's a bit stretched coping with a 2.0 V6, particularly during our delightful UK winters. The original battery tray will accomodate a much larger, and therefore greater capacity battery than the standard unit. You will need to change the battery terminals to the more common European standard size but with a bit of jiggling you should be able to recycle the standard battery clamp.