We recently had cause to speak to Mark Richard Insurance of Bristol (used to be Tett Hamilton) who was very helpful. If you are not over enamoured with automated call systems and would prefer a more personal touch, then you may want to give Iain Gott a call on 01275 856618.

The following companies or brokers, from our and our customers' experience, are amongst the most competitive in the market for both UK and Japanese imports. Please note that we are in no way connected with any of the companies mentioned on this page. They are listed alphabetically and not in any order of preference.

Namesort ascending Speciality Telephone number Website
Tesco All imports 08453004400
T Henderson Double cabs 01915235001
Sky Insurance All imports 08701121759
Privilege All imports 08452460292
Performance Insurance All imports 08701212911
Osborne and Sons All imports 08453306001
OPI All imports 08702420800
Mark Richard Insurance All imports 01275856618
Keith Michaels All imports 02086427868
Hyperformance All imports 02089393949
Frizzell All imports 01202752007
Footman James All imports 01215614196
Dorset Insurance Toyota and Lexus 01202726934
Direct Line All imports 08452468701
AON All imports 01384552670
Adrian Flux All imports 08700777888
Admiral Selected imports 0800600800
A Plan All imports 08450711234
2Gether Insurance All imports 01945465508